About Zacks

Company Profile

Zacks is a privately owned 550 person Chicago-based firm with 30 years of experience providing U.S. equity investors with the investment information required to operate their investment processes. Since its founding in 1978 as a provider of consensus EPS forecasts, Zacks has expanded its services to US equity investors to encompass the full range of investment information, research and tools required to effectively manage individual and institutional US equity investment processes

Zacks now provides investment data, market data systems, proprietary quantitative models and analyst written research to institutional investors, brokerage firms, individual investors and corporations.

Zacks has been a leader in innovation. In 1981 Zacks originated the concept of the EPS surprise based on consensus estimates of quarterly earnings and in 1982 expanded the EPS surprise to create the Zacks Rank, our proprietary 1-to-5 stock scoring system, whose #1 ranked stocks have generated an average return of over 30% per year over the last 25 years. The proven ability of the Zacks Rank to statistically predict the future relative performance of groups of stocks is the core of many of our services today.

1performance is based on equal weighted portfolios, re-balanced monthly with zero transaction costs

Zacks Product History

Zacks innovations are indicated by (FIRST)

1978: began collecting and archiving printed brokerage research reports and tracking fiscal year analyst estimates
1979: began tracking analyst estimates of next five years’ EPS growth rates (FIRST)
1981: began collecting and tracking analyst estimates of quarterly EPS (FIRST)
created the concept of EPS surprise (FIRST)
1982: created the Zacks Rank, a proprietary quantitative model
based on EPS estimate revisions and EPS surprises (FIRST)
began measuring stock price responses to EPS surprises (FIRST)
1984: began delivering market data on floppy disks for personal computers
1985: began tracking broker recommendations (FIRST)
developed backtesting software designed specifically to enable quantitative analysts to design, test and operate
quantitative investment equity processes (FIRST)
1986: began using optical disk technology to deliver market data (FIRST)
1988: began offering consensus earnings estimates over Dow Jones and Quotron (FIRST)
1989: began measuring the accuracy of analyst EPS forecasts and broker recommendations (FIRST)
began delivering market data services on CD/ROM
1993: created a quantitative model that predicts price response following EPS surprises (FIRST)
1996: began providing Zacks one-page Company Research reports over the Internet to individuals
began developing the Zacks affiliate network of 1,500 websites introduced the Zacks Advisor Investment Newsletter
1997: created the Zacks Model to predict EPS more accurately than the consensus (FIRST)
1998: developed software to automatically extract data from Edgar filings (FIRST)
1999: introduced Sales Estimate, Sales Surprise, Target Price data (FIRST)
2001: introduced browser-based research platform
2002: expanded research staff to 50 analysts following 1,100 companies
2005: developed semi-active index for micro-cap and small-cap stocks (FIRST)
2006: expanded the Zacks Fundamental Database, developed the full consensus Income Statement
2007: developed Zacks Research System (ZRS) market data platform.
2008: Zacks Research System (ZRS) is enhanced to feature graphics based, equity analytic routines.
2009: Zacks Research System (ZRS) is enhanced to feature Portfolio Performance Measurement & Portfolio Reporting.
2010: Zacks Research System (ZRS) introduces of the Zacks Valuation Model (ZVM), a framework for equity analysis.
2011: Developed Zacks Research System (ZRS) with redesigned Pitch Book navigation and Composite analytics capabilities
2012: Zacks Research System (ZRS) releases its new workflow solution designed as ‘fit for purpose’ equity valuation
and fundamental analysis solution for portfolio managers and analysts
2013: Zacks Research System (ZRS) releases its next generation portfolio monitoring, snapshot reporting,
and performance attribution application coined “Zacks Portfolio Monitor (ZPM)”
2014: Zacks Research System (ZRS) supports ETF Research Analysis Reports and the bottom-up reconstruction
for full equity analysis as well as sector level metric contribution and true sector level weight exposure