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For over 25 years, Zacks Investment Research has provided professional US equity investors with the investment software and data required to manage complex US equity investment processes and has provided unparalleled support and consulting assistance to maximize the value of our services.

Zacks Investment Software and Data

In 2008 we consolidated our 16 investment software and data services into the Zacks Research System (ZRS 5.0) a single client/server system delivered over the internet. ZRS 5.0 includes Compustat quality fundamental data, First Call quality estimate data and software functionality rivaling and exceeding Thomson One and Factset. But more importantly to our users, ZRS 5.0 includes three invaluable research services unique to Zacks that clearly deliver the "Power to Outperform" - the Research Digest reports and spreadsheets, the Zacks Estimate Revision/Surprise model and the Zacks consensus forecasts of revenue at the business segment levels.

Zacks Consultative Support

In a world of giant mergers and impersonal, India-based support, Zacks has chosen to provide one on one client support from our team of US-based, CFA trained account managers. Should you decide to use ZRS, our commitment is to efficiently help you understand and use the many services included in ZRS 5.0 to maximize your investment performance and deliver "The Power to Outperform."

To learn more about how ZRS 5.0 can help you and your firm, we invite you to click on ZRS 5.0 for a one page overview, or to click on any of our seven services included in ZRS which are listed in the box at the top left.

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