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Zacks Rank

Independent, quantitative stock, mutual fund, and ETF research along with market and economic reports for in-depth analysis.


An intuitive, powerful platform that makes it simple to automate routine tasks while customizing strategies to each client's goals.

Additional Solutions

Easy-to-use reporting tools to help you create professional proposals and reports that help you and your clients succeed.

Maintain Top Performance on All Your Client Accounts

Advisor Tools and Zacks research makes it easier than ever to find and replace low performing holdings with ones more likely to outperform. By loading your client portfolios into our Portfolio Monitor, you can quickly identify Zacks #5 Rank holdings in your Book of Business. Then screen for #1 Ranked replacements and use the extensive data and research to find a suitable replacement.

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Grow Your Business with Easy and Effective Proposals

Using our ETF Model Portfolios simplifies asset allocation and streamlines the creation of portfolios for prospects based on risk tolerance. Or build your own portfolio using our asset class forecasts and Zacks ETF Rank. Once you’ve built your portfolio, share with your prospect using our professional, beautiful, portfolio reporting tools.

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Use Our Model Portfolios for Outperformance

All clients have unique needs and investing styles and so do our model portfolios. But one thing they all have in common is the objective of outperforming the market. Whether your client is comfortable with short-term trading, focused on long-term investing, looking to avoid recessionary losses, or looking for something riskier, we have a portfolio for them.

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More Essentials for Every Advisor

Custodial Integration

Synchronize all client stock, ETF and fund holdings data from your custodian to Advisor Tools. Data will automatically update every night, ensuring that you have the latest and most accurate information.

Zacks Retirement Planners

Collaborate with clients and prospects to create effective retirement plans. Our powerful planning tools help ensure that all advice and planning is done in each client's best interest, so you can best fulfill your "duty of care".

Excel Link

Make your spreadsheet work more efficient, accurate, and effective. Excel Link allows you to link directly to Zacks rankings, fundamentals, and other data, and to create impressive tearsheets with our pre-built templates.

Pro Backtester

Create your own screens, build your own trading strategies, and backtest to see your probability of success. Zacks Pro Backtester provides access to virtually any investment criteria you want and up to 20 years of historical data.

Earnings Trends Reports

Prepare yourself for every earnings season with our weekly analysis of earnings by sector and industry. Each report is written by Zacks’ Director of Research, Sheraz Mian, and includes our latest forecast of upcoming earnings.

Zacks Sector Rank and Sub-Industry Rank

Studies show an average stock in a strong group is likely to outperform a great stock in a poor group. Put the odds of success in your favor by identifying the best stocks in the best groups with our Sector Rank and Sub-Industry Rank.

Independent, Industry-Leading Research

  • Analyst-written equity research for 1,100 major U.S. companies and ADRs
  • Quant equity research for an additional 3,500 smaller companies
  • Zacks Short Term Stock Rank for 4,000 companies
  • Zacks Buy, Hold, and Sell Recommendations for long-term investors
  • Zacks predictive mutual fund ranks and sub-factor scores for 6,000 mutual funds
  • Analyst-written reports for 500 ETFs plus an additional 1,500 quant ETF reports

Original Market Strategy Reports

  • Weekly Sector and Market Earning Trends
  • Monthly Economic Outlook
  • Monthly Investing Update and Asset Allocation
  • Quarterly Top-Down Investing Consensus
  • Quarterly Global Macro Investing Consensus

"Advisor Tools is a great all-around website, and it offers very obvious opportunities beyond what I’m currently using."

Tony E.

"Some of the most useful features in Advisor Tools include the Portfolio Monitor, the market insights, investment update and asset allocation reports–really, all of the research reports."

James N.

"I love the analyst reports with "reasons to buy" and "reasons to sell". It helps give color on catalysts and drivers I should be looking for in a stock."

Nick S.

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