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Zacks is one of the largest providers of independent investment research in the U.S. Our original, unbiased quantitative research is well-respected in the investment community, and we have won numerous awards over the last decade—all based on performance.

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Zacks Professional Services packages our research to meet the specialized needs of investment professionals. Discover how Zacks research can help you achieve incredible results without a lot of wasted effort or time.

Put actionable ideas at your fingertips.

Why spend hours searching for new ideas? We offer immediately useful models and other resources that make it fast and simple for professionals to find stocks, ETFs, and mutual funds that are ready to outperform, and are right for your allocations or portfolios.

Zacks Rank

The Zacks Rank

Our future-focused ranking system, and a key metric found throughout all of our platforms.

The Zacks Rank for proven-effective stock picking.

The Zacks ETF Rank for easy and effective asset allocation.

The Zacks Mutual Fund Rank offers our forward‑looking approach for funds.

Model Portfolios

Model Portfolios

Our highly effective and popular model portfolios save advisors time and effort.

The Earnings Certain Portfolio family provides “virtually recession-proof” performance.

The Zacks Focus List, 50 hand-picked stocks poised to beat the market.

ETF Model Portfolios simplify asset allocation for balancing risk and return.

Zacks #1 Rank Stocks that consistently outperform the S&P 500.

Additional Solutions

Use Zacks Research

Additional tools to make use of Zacks Research with all of your client accounts.

Zacks Screener lets you filter stocks using our pre-built screeners and research.

Zacks Quant Lab allows you to build your own equity models using our databases.

Zacks Excel Link integrates Zacks stock data, saves time and prevents manual errors.

Our Portfolio Reporting Suite helps you create reports that win and keep more business.

Choose the right platform for your research needs.

Our platforms are designed to meet the needs of financial professionals in today’s fast-paced markets. Talk to a Zacks Professional Services representative today to determine the best product for your needs.

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Advisor Tools is specifically designed for the needs of today’s financial advisors, offering extensive, consolidated Zacks research, model portfolios, quant models, data visualization resources and much more in an intuitive, easy‑to‑use platform.


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Our flagship research platform offers a massive amount of research data, and nearly infinite ways to compare, contrast and model your ideas, combining amazing functionality, nearly infinite research resources, and a simple, intuitive interface.


Access Zacks Research through other platforms.

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Zacks Equity Research reports for 1,100 companies can now be accessed on popular platforms including FactSet, Refinitiv, S&P Capital IQ, and Bloomberg.

Zacks research has earned the respect of institutional equity investors due to our long history of innovation, quality, and proven effectiveness.


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Since 1978

Innovative, independent research for professionals

Zacks has championed independent research for more than 40 years, beginning when Len Zacks published a highly influential paper which detailed his innovative investment approach:

Analyze earnings estimate revisions and surprises to predict stock movements.

Today, Zacks Investment Research, including Professional Services, is one of the largest equity research providers in North America.

Zacks complete research offering includes:

Analyst-Written Equity Research for 1,100 major U.S. companies and ADRs

Analyst-Created Financial Models for 1,100 major companies and ADRs

Quant Equity Research for an additional 3,500 smaller companies

Zacks Short-Term Stock Rank for 4000 companies

Zacks Buy/Hold/Sell Recommendations for long-term investors

Team-written Mutual Fund Research Reports for 1,000 funds

Zacks Mutual Fund Rank—predictive ranking for 6,000 funds

Mutual Fund Rank Sub-Scores for serious mutual fund investors

Team-Written Zacks ETF Research reports and ETF Rank for 1,000 ETFs

Zacks Stock Scores for style box, insider trading, institutional holdings, and surprise predictors

Zacks Market Strategy Reports—5 monthly reports

Zacks Economic Forecasts—monthly reports

Thematic Portfolios—25 investing concepts in touch with emerging trends

Investment Newsletters for all types of investors, written by world-class market experts

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