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The Institutional Services division of Zacks Investment Research has been providing clients timely market data and full text research reports, with added flexibility and customization, since 1978. Serving as a "one stop shop" for all fundamental and quantitative equity analysis needs, Zacks systems provide breakdowns of financial data and research reports: while incorporating screening, backtesting and portfolio analysis applications.

Our suite of products is designed to provide institutional investors with the tools they need to optimize their equity research processes. From data feeds to equity models to research software to Internet applications, every Zacks product has a payback period measured in months - helping improve performance, save time and more effectively allocate resources.

An Industry Leader
Zacks Investment Research is a Chicago based firm with over 24 years of experience in providing institutional investors with the analytical tools and financial information necessary for the success of their investment processes.

Founded in 1978, Zacks began processing, organizing and evaluating research produced by US brokerage firms. Today Zacks receives daily electronic data feeds and printed research reports from over 185 brokerage firms, produced by more than 3,200 analysts amounting to over 500,000 pages of brokerage research. In addition, ZIR provides technical & fundamental data on over 8000 publicly traded equities

Zacks' early contribution to investment analysis was the discovery that earnings per share estimate revisions are the most powerful force affecting stock prices, which gave birth to the Zacks Indicator. This, along with being the first to calculate consensus EPS estimates of quarterly earnings (1981), and to create the concept of EPS surprises, as well as the first to analyze price response to EPS surprises placed Zacks among the top innovating pioneers in the industry.

Renown for its' comprehensive product line, expertise, flexibility, and personal service, Zacks is the vendor of choice for firms servicing institutional investors. As we approach our 25th anniversary we look forward to another quarter century as an innovative, established industry benchmark.

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