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Estimate Analytics - is the core service that Zacks has been providing portfolio managers since 1978. The 2007 version consists of a set of web pages that display current EPS and Sales estimates, recommendations, and analyst track records from all brokerage firms from whom you are receiving research, along with intra-day surprise updates. You will also be only a mouse click away from each analystís complete performance track record which includes both the historical accuracy of the analyst EPS estimates as well as the historical performance of the analystsí stock recommendations, as well as Indicators that will improve your performance during all stages of a companies reporting season. Definitional issues related to EPS estimates, conflicts between investment banking and research coverage, recent company guidance, and recent EPS reports are easily viewed as you drill down past the raw data with your mouse.

Estimate Analytics includes the following new capabilities:

Most Accurate Forecast
By weighting individual analyst estimates by their timeliness and by their historical accuracy we have developed an EPS forecast that is more accurate than the full consensus.

Predict the next EPS surprise: The difference between the Most Accurate Forecast and the consensus is a good predictor of the direction of the next eps surprise. It is also used as part of the Zacks Indicator (Upside Component).

Zacks Rank #1 - #5
The Zacks Indicator which uses a 1 to 99 classification scheme is aggregated into the Zacks Rank (1,2,3,4,5) and displayed by Industry group to provide an overview of our predictions of future price changes for a wide range of companies.

EPS Betas
We have drawn on the work of academics over the last few years and have classified companies into three groups (High, Medium, Low) based on the historical responsiveness of their stock prices to earnings. These charts show you the value of accurately forecasting EPS for any specific company.

Recommendation Beta
We also display stock price response to changes in analyst recommendations. These charts tell you the importance of sell side recommendations for any company.

Surprise Trader
This set of displays help the portfolio manager or trader predict stock price movements over the 10 day period following the EPS surprise using the unique Zacks PRI rating and related statistics.

Before any individual company reports it EPS this displays enables the user to clearly identify when any company will report and what its EPS surprise may be and includes a calendar that shows when each stock in the userís portfolio will report.

Within 30 minutes after a company reports this display predicts price action over the next 10 days.

For all companies in an industry group this display shows the pattern of recent surprises, Zacks PRI scores, and price action after the EPS report.

Each day the display highlights he strongest EPS reported surprises for the day, companies that have exceeded/disappointed the EPS expectations for the day, which stocks have the strongest PRI Ratings.

Late reporters, which many times offer short opportunities are also displayed.

Estimate Analytics which can replace First Call RTEE and Starmine, requires entitlement by the brokerage firms who are providing you with their research. Once you are entitled by a brokerage firm you will be able to view real time updates of the current EPS estimates, Sales estimates, and stock recommendations of the analysts employed by the firm.

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