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Zacks India and the Internet are changing the way buy side professionals do research.

Our India based staff of 50 experienced assistant equity analysts are helping hundreds of buy side professionals improve their research productivity.

We assign an assistant analyst to help you with the research tasks that now limit your productivity. Your assistant will have a CFA, CPA or an MBA and may have worked in the research department of an international money management firm. Because he is located in India - your assistant works while you sleep. So when you give him an assignment at 5 PM it will be completed and in your email box when you arrive at the office the next morning at 9 AM.

How can our assistants help you? Buy side firms use our assistant analysts for three types of tasks:

  1. to track, organize, and summarize the brokerage research received by the buy side firm on a specific company and
  2. to combine Sell Side analyst Income Statement Models for a company received by the buy side firm into a single comparative Spreadsheet and
  3. prepare historical income statement models for non US companies.

It is your responsibility to provide our analysts with the research reports you receive from your research providers that you would like processed by our analysts

It is our responsibility to produce the reports using research provided by you and to display the reports we prepare on the web for use by everyone in your firm or deliver them to you by email for your exclusive use:

  • Digest Reports - in-depth, insightful summaries and comparisons of the sell side bull and the bear stories for a company - summarizes the key fundamental reasons presented by sell side analysts for revenue growth, changes in margins and growth in EPS -- including abstracts of each individual sell side analyst's valuation comments.
  • Digest Spreadsheets - Comparative Sell Side Spreadsheets - a single spreadsheet that includes and compares the individual sell side analyst income statement models - plus, for the first time ever , the full consensus income statement - plus comparisons of valuations, non-financial metrics and forecast revisions.
  • Consensus Sales Forecasts of Products - In 21 selected industries we also provide spreadsheets that contain consensus forecasts of product sales that can help analysts better understand competitive industry trends. For example, in the Drug industry we offer 25 separate spreadsheets, one for each class of drugs. Each spreadsheet contains consensus forecasts of future sales of each of the competitive drugs within the class.

What other task can be done by Digest analysts?

During the term of your Digest subscription the Digest analysts are effectively your employees to be directed by you to carryout whatever research tasks that are most helpful to your investment process. In addition to the Digest Reports and Spreadsheets our assistant analysts are able to build specific company Income Statement Models under your direction and to summarize brokerage firm industry research to provide you with a clear concise abstract of the full range of sell side thinking at the industry level. Zacks account managers will work with you to help you make the most effective use of the Digest analysts assigned to your firm.

Whatever your area of coverage, Zacks will save you countless hours collecting, organizing and reading the multitude of sell side reports, models and updates that cross your desk every day.

How can Digest help you? Choose the role that best describes you to learn more:

Portfolio Manager
Director of Research

How to use Zacks Research Digest

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