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Research Delivery Zacks provides Research Delivery services to smaller buy side firms who do not use research from any of the following ten brokerage firms that jointly own theMarkets.com; Barclays Capital, Citi Investement Research, Deutsche Bank Securities, Dresdner Kleinwort,Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, and UBS. If your firm requires research from any of these firms we recommend that you contact theMarkets.com for research delivery services. CLICK HERE TO CONTACT THEMARKETS.COM . If your firm does not use research from any of these eleven Zacks can provide all of your research delivery needs.

Research Delivery from 180 Brokers:

Research from All non TMC members - The Zacks system delivers the research produced by all US and Canadian brokerage firms, with the exception of the eleven members of theMarkets.com , to your browser and provides a set of tools to help you better read , print and process this flow of research information. We deliver both reports and spreadsheets.

One Click Access Simply enter a ticker to view and print all of the research available on a company.

Advanced Searches - Search for reports using detailed criteria.

Email Alerts - Users can set up watch lists and be automatically notified by email when research is released on the specified tickers, and/or industries.

Real-Time - Newly released research is posted immediately as the brokers update the Zacks system.

For a Trial, demonstration or product information, please Request Product Information or call Tim Nyland, Marketing Manager at 800-767-3771 ext. 9455 or email at tnyland@zacks.com.

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