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Our Services and Solutions Include:

Market Research Studies
We can conduct custom market research studies and quantitative investment analysis on a one-time or on-going basis.

Custom Index and Benchmark Creation
We can create and maintain custom benchmarks for use in performance analysis and for marketing purposes.

Custom Database Creation and 3rd Party Data Conversion
We can greatly streamline your data needs and incorporate 3rd party data into Zacks Research System databases, making your process more efficient and cost effective. In addition, we can provide customized historical data in standard file formats for use with other investment software.

Investment Strategy Development and Evaluation
We have extensive experience developing, testing and implementing investment models for a variety of investment firms and investment styles.

Performance Evaluation Studies and Audits
We can conduct performance evaluation studies for sell-side firms to use for such things as setting analyst compensation, or for buy-side firms to use for internal performance and style analysis, and for client reporting and marketing.

Zacks Research System Customization and Turnkey Solutions
We can customize an investment production and reporting system using a Zacks Research System that is tailored to your specific needs.

Zacks Research System "Back Office" Services and Reports
You can outsource the operation of your investment production and reporting functions to us - saving you time and money.

Zacks Research System Training and Seminars
We can deliver customized training services designed to address your specific needs. Our experienced team conducts hands-on workshops at your offices or via Distance Learning using conference calls or interactive sessions over the Internet.

Our consultants are experts in the design, testing, and implementation of investment solutions, and in conducting quantitative research. We use Zacks proprietary investment tools and information resources, as well as respected research sources, to ensure the quality, integrity, and effectiveness of our solutions.

For more information about how Zacks Consulting Services may help you achieve your business goals, please contact your Zacks representative or call Adam Cohen, CFA at 800-767-3771 ext. 9227 or e-mail

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