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We believe that the value of equity research is measured by the performance achieved by its users, and consequently we focus the efforts of our analysts and our models on identifying stocks that will outperform and under perform their industries. We operate the 3rd largest research department among Independent Research Providers, covering a universe of over 1,150 US and Canadian traded companies and ADRs. Zacks independent equity research integrates Zacks quantitative models with the judgments of our staff of 30 senior analysts and 20 junior analysts who are organized by industry and are responsible for making recommendations, EPS estimates, and setting target prices for their followed companies. In addition to Company Research reports, our Research product includes our monthly Economic Outlook, our monthly Market Strategy Overview, and our bi-weekly Model Portfolio. We also provide the Zacks Quantitative Snapshot Report for an additional universe of 2,500 companies, resulting in total research coverage of 3,650 companies.

Overview of Research Offering

Our independent research offering includes 1100 analyst written company reports and analyst phone contact, 1500 one page Snapshot quantitative reports, our monthly Market Strategy Overview, our bi-weekly Model Portfolio and our monthly Economic Outlook.

Analyst Written Research - 1150 companies

Our analysts use the Zacks Quantitative models as one of many inputs they evaluate to determine their own recommendations, target prices, and EPS estimates for each company that they follow. Analysts are available for phone conversations about their followed companies.

Snapshot one page Quantitative Report - 2500 companies

Our Snapshot report provides a concise one page overview of the Zacks Quantitative Recommendations ( Buy/Hold/Sell ) for the company as well as supporting statistical information such as patterns in EPS surprises, estimate revisions, recommendation changes and key company financial ratios.

Market Strategy

The Zacks Investment committee works with our analysts to identify the most attractive and the least attractive industries and sectors. Our monthly Market Strategy report provides an overview of these forecasts as well as the industry outlooks of our analysts.

Model Portfolio

The Zacks Investment Committee has maintained a model portfolio since 1996. This portfolio, called the Zacks Focus List, is designed for long-term investors and reflects the opinions of Zacks analysts and the outlook of our Investment Committee. Each year the performance of the Focus List portfolio has ranked in the top ˝ of brokerage firm model portfolios as published by the Wall Street Journal.

Economic Outlook

We work with the economic consulting firm Macro Economic Advisors to develop the Zacks Economic Outlook. Our forecast is based on Macro Economic Advisors econometric model of the US economy, which has been cited twice as the most accurate model of the US economy. This forecast is presented in our monthly Economic Outlook.

Our Pharma Coverage is particularly strong

We provide broad and in depth coverage of the pharmaceutical industry. Our drug and bio tech analysts not only follow a large number of smaller bio tech companies but also provide detailed market forecasts and competitive analysis for each of 25 major classes of Drugs. These unique Drug Market Analysis are an invaluable roadmap to the future of the complex pharma and bio tech industries

Counterpoint – non consensus opinions

At any time our analysts’ opinions for 30-40 companies disagree dramatically with the Wall Street recommendations. We call these our Counterpoint companies.

Our analysts who author Counterpoint reports visit the companies and maintain complete income statement models for the companies. When you talk to our analysts about a Counterpoint company you will hear a thoughtful non-consensus opinion – which can translate into dramatic incremental returns to your portfolio.

Our analysts also follow the major companies in their industries and are happy to discuss Counterpoint companies within the context of their industries.

Research Delivery

All research reports are available on our web site and are sent to clients by email as they are issued and updated.

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