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Portfolio Manager
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Portfolio Manager

Digest Reports and Spreadsheets enable you to quickly see the full bull and bear stories for a company and to decide which sell side analysts may be of use in helping you better understand the company.

Digest gives you a check on your own analysts. The insightful overview of the sell side research for a company, written by our Digest analyst, can offer you insights into the company – that may be missed by your own internal analyst.

Digest tells you which brokerage analysts have a non consensus opinion and shows you the full range of sell side arguments for and against your decision to buy the stock.

Digest enables you to stop wasting your precious time talking to less then helpful brokerage analysts and salespeople.


Non-Core Stocks – Digest reports enable you to quickly get up to speed on a new company. By spending a ˝ hour with the Digest reports you will avoid spending many hours reading brokerage research on the company. All of the research that you will want to read about the company has already been read by our Digest analyst – and summarized for your use. After reading the Digest report on the company you will know the essential bull and bear stories and will know which, if any, sell side analyst you will want to talk to about the company.

If you need to write an internal research report for a non-core company, you can copy text from the Digest report and data from the Digest Spreadsheet to dramatically reduce the time required to create your own internal report.

If you need to respond frequently to questions from Portfolio Managers about non-core companies - Digest lets you quickly answer these questions.

Core Stocks – if you maintain your own income statement model for your core stocks, you will see in the Digest spreadsheets, for the first time, the complete consensus sell side model and you will be able to compare it to your own model to identify your deviation. We all know that much of the value-added in-house analysts provide buy-side firms is when they differ from the consensus.

Moreover the spreadsheets, which are updated whenever a sell side analyst changes his model, alert you to all changes in sell side analyst forecasts of any of the 20 income statement line items, including revenue by segment, and margins. These changes may tell you that you should make some changes in your own model.

For core stocks Digest can ensure that you have not missed any key ideas since the Digest reports include summaries of each brokerage firm’s outlook for the company. As the Digest analyst reviews all research available on the company, he/she may pick up a key idea that you have overlooked.

Director of Research

The Digest service ensures that your own analysts are not missing any key ideas. Our staff of Digest analysts essentially duplicates much of the work of your own analysts and as they say "two heads are better than one".

Over the longer run Digest can dramatically change the way you organize your research department. By making the Digest service available to your analysts you can dramatically increase the effective size of your research department. After some time you may decide to simply use the Digest as your first set of research reports and focus the efforts of your highly paid staff on supplementing and adding value to what is included in the Digest.

Digest is also an excellent training tool for analysts. When you add new analysts or change an analyst’s assignment the Digest service provides a written training program that can quickly bring your analysts up to speed on their new companies.

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