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Research Wizard is a powerful custom equity screening program ideal for identifying new buying opportunities, monitoring your portfolio and backtesting for performance.

Research Wizard 4.0 combines the best of two worlds: the software that resides on your computer and Zacks data servers, containing both current and valuable historical data. As an additional bonus, you are also given an option to work with Zacks current market database in the off-line mode. Research Wizard 4.0 package also includes Intraday price and volume data and Intraday EPS Surprises.

Automation is one big feature of Research Wizard. This automation ability (called scripting) is a time-saver allowing you to combine repetitive tasks into one process, similar to macros in spreadsheet or word processing programs. Once you have defined your script, one click runs a series of screens and reports which can then be printed or exported.

Research Wizard may be used to:

 Perform interactive screening to explore market distributions and find companies for investment consideration.
 Run predefined screens to generate and update lists of possible new companies of interest.
 Examine the fundamental characteristics of current holdings or search for potential valuable additions to your portfolio.
 Access preconfigured multi-company reports, as well as reports you may create or modify independently.
 Perform user-defined calculations then screen and report on resulting values.
 Access preconfigured reports that alert you to price-driven events affecting stocks in your portfolio (i.e. changes in brokerage analyst EPS estimates, changes in brokerage firm recommendations, and EPS surprises).
 View your screen's performance relative to a benchmark over time.

For a Trial, demonstration or product information, please Request Product Information or call Tim Nyland, Director of Institutional Sales at 800-767-3771 x9455 or email at tnyland@zacks.com.

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